Band News
New Tour: Damon Che and members of Creta Bourzia as Don Cab
Pitchfork sez:
In a move that's unexpected but not so surprising (considering who we're dealing with here), Damon Che-- longtime drummer of the hilariously amazing Don Caballero-- will be re-forming the band for a number of shows starting in late October. Here's the catch: Damon's opted not to invite the rest of Don Cab to the reunion. But hey, weren't you bored with those same old geniuses that'd been an integral part of the band for the ten years of their existence anyway? It seems Che was. Members of Pittsburgh math-rock outfit Creta Bourzia will be filling out the roles instead, leaving many to wonder what happened to Ian Williams, Mike Banfield, and the bevy of faceless bassists that might have been expected to take part in this glorified reunion.
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Site News
nov 25.
Have not posted update info in a while - everything's more or less up. I'm still doing stuff, sort of.
BATTLES news: mp3 preview posted at monitorrecords.com - please to be checking that out. The humorless need not apply. ("Ian Williams, yo. [yo. yo. yo.] I will shout out [out out out], BATTLES! [les! les! les!]")
nov 6.
The site is mainly up and running. Reviews listed, discography scrounged. Links unplentiful, I will continue tomorrow. Please appreciate the totally necessary random image loader up top. Thank you.
So keep checking back here, because it is hopping with activity like an activity frog, or kangaroo.